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Thank you for taking a moment to review how our Virtual Sales Team can help you increase sales and maintain customer relationships. Follow the links below to find the services you need or contact us for direct support.



we offer :

  • Inbound Call Center Services: Your customers call us and we meet their needs using the scripts and procedures you provide. 
    1. We work with you to ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the sales and support process to maximize both revenue and referrals.
    2. You have the freedom to choose which of our highly skilled representatives works with your customers.
    3. We convert calls to satisfied customers so you can work on reaching new prospects.
  • Outbound Call Center Services:  We contact leads on your behalf based on your scripts and guidelines.
    1. We convert cold calls into warm leads, and can even fully close sales from start to finish if desired. 
    2. You can use our tracking tools to monitor our performance in hours spent versus contacts made and sales closed.
    3. Our trained sales professionals become your friendly, supportive, effective sales staff.
    4. We really enjoy marketing great products and services by phone.
  • Lead Generation & Data Mining: We work with you to fully define your target market, and then mine the Internet and/or the databases you provide, to find new leads.
    1. Use us to find new customers for an existing product or service, or to expand sales of a new product or service to your existing customer.
    2. We can datamine the internet and other resources to create content for ebooks and web resources your customers will value.
    3. Our datamining can find a list of sponsors for an event, a list of providers for a given business service, a list of services of interest to your consumer customers.
    4. Fast Tactical Business Research is one of the most important and useful services we provide.
  • Cost Effective Pay Per Click Marketing:  The fastest way to drive sales to almost any product is through pay per click marketing.  If you have a budget to spend on driving targeted traffic to your site, there are techniques you can use to maximize your return on that investment.   
    1. We can help you identify which keywords result in sales (rather than just high click through rates)
    2. Using our research and very inexpensive trial campaigns, we can help you decide whether your product should be marketed through GoDaddy, LinkedIn, Reddit or a hundred other Pay Per Click sites.
    3. We can optimize your website to convert clicks to sales.
  • Search Engine & Social Media Marketing: We can help you position your site on the internet such that your customers can find you.
    1. Through SEO Press Release Marketing we can help you generate and distribute press releases that ensure Google and other search engines spider your site frequently and correctly categorize you under the most financially profitable search terms
    2. Through SEO Articles & Blog Posts we can provide long lasting links to your website in relevant categories across the internet. These links make it easier for search engines to rank your site and for customers to find you.
    3. Social Media Marketing through posts on sites relevant to your customers can increase sales by placing your product where your customers look for answer or socialize. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Linked in are just a few of the sites where we can let people know about your site’s press releases, blog posts, products and services without spamming.
  • Mass Media Marketing: While releasing press releases online will build your search engine ranking for selected keywords, effective mass media marketing requires identifying specific editors, writers, radio and TV producers that will be interested in you, your team, your product or your service.
    1. We can mine the Internet for mass media contacts who should be interested in what your business offers.
    2. Once we’ve created a contact list for your review, you can tell us how you’d like to contact these professionals on your behalf.
    3. We can send them emails, contact them by phone or forward them to your online media kit or send them a CD or DVD on your behalf.
    4. We can follow up all contacts with one or more phone calls.
    5. We can let your customers know, through email, twitter or phone calls, when your business receives mass media attention.
    6. Our mass marketing procedures are very simple, fast, inexpensive and effective.
  • Ecommerce Site Design & Deployment: A website that collects leads and closes sales is key to ensuring the success of any business.  While a site that looks good is important, a site that makes it easy to find, understand, and purchase products and services is absolutely key. 
    1. We can help you create a site that is “visible” to Google and the other search engines.
    2. We can optimize your site to include effective, targeted, tested copy that closes sales.
    3. We can help ensure that your site creates, builds and maintains customer relationships over time through being easy to understand, navigate and use.
  • What Sets Us Apart: We are head and shoulders above our competition in price and quality of service delivered.  Find out why.


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  • Client Feedback
    I Love working with Virtual Corporates. When we first started working together I enjoyed Anna's thought process around putting a script together. She would updare me on how things were working out and she was consistent in getting us qualified appointment. We've closed a lot of business from the appointments and their services pay for themselves.
    Herb R.
    Credit Wise
    It has been a pleasure to work with the Virtual Corporates team. They consistently generate high quality leads and are requests we may have. We can confidently recommend their lead generation services.
    Bob V
    Dish USA